Join The White Oak Society

white oak society, deer river mn, reenactment, reenacting, joinThe White Oak Historical Society Needs Your Support!

For those interested in becoming a part of the White Oak Society please feel free to drop by the learning center at any of our public events or reenactor meetings. You can also contact us online, email one of our board members or just visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

Not an actor? No problem. You can still help! Whether you’re into authentic craftsmanship, sewing, or are just a hopeless history buff, we welcome your contribution.

We’re also always interested in article submissions on historical subjects relating to the 15th century, 10th century vikings, 18th century fur trade and Native American history. Please contact us if you’d be interested is publishing historical material on the website.

Support The White Oak Society

White Oak is 501(c)3 non-profit organization accepting tax deductible donations from individuals and businesses. It’s financial assistance from our generous supporters that helps White Oak continue to provide quality historical education throughout the year. Please consider donating!