2016 - Meet the Mushers!

The White Oak Society is proud to support area mushers and kennels. Here’s a list of participating mushers and some information about them.

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Linus Meyer

I have 21 dogs in my kennel. Eleven are 10 yrs old or older, and two are 8-month old puppies. I started mushing in 1995 with 6 dogs and an old wooden sled. My first race was in 1997. It was the Mid-Minnesota 150. This will be my third year running the White Oak race. I live on a hobby farm near Meire Grove, MN.

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Mark Luttinen

Moved to Grand Marais after driving up most weekends from October to March to train and run dogs. Thanks to a wonderful wife, we now live in Grand Marais and are able to train and race any time of the week. I would also like to thank Frank and Sherri Moe for letting me run their babies.

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Frank Moe

The White Oak for years was our “Home Town” race. We’re looking forward to coming back.

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Rob Louters

I have been racing and doing dogs for 3 years. I am learning more each year. I have run the Voyageur, Wolf Track and Mid-Minnesota races.

musher, deer river sled dog race

Sam Louters

I have been running dogs for 4 years. I am enjoying it. I have run the Voyageur 30-mile, Wolf Track 50-mile, Beargrease 40-mile, and the Mid-Minnesota 40-mile.

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Andrea DeBoer

Amarok Kennel is located in Grand Marais, MN and is home to 40 Alaskan Huskies! We have been in transition of taking over a majority of the kennel duties the last 4 years. We currently work with my mom and step-dad, Robin and Greg Beall to operate the kennel, we would be lost without their support and guidance. We have 3 children that are involved in the day to day chores of the kennel. This will be my first year running White Oak race, I look forward to a new trail! Thanks to all the volunteers that have worked so hard to put on this race.

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Chris Evans

Chris is the father of 4 children, and this is his first year in the sport of mushing. He is an electrician at Minnesota Power and spends his free time running dogs, hunting, fishing, and with his family. He has 10 dogs in his kennel and hopes to one day run the Beargrease with his kids.

Darcy Stanley Nord

Darcy Stanley-Nord

Teacher by day, musher by night, (or whenever I can fit it in). My 9 yr old son and I are the mushers in the family while Dad and my 12 yr old son handle and fix the stuff we continually break. We love to travel and stay in the race host communities as this is our family vacation. We have raced the Mid-MN 150, John Beargrease rec race, Winter Warrior Camp Ripley race, Wolf Tracks and Apostle Island races, but this race always has the best stories. I’m looking forward to another action packed White Oak race, just minus any crashes that involve me. Thanks for the opportunity and welcome by the community!

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Sherry Johnson

I am a junior at Fergus Falls High School. I’ve been racing for 12 years. I grew up racing w/my family. I’ve raced in Alaska, the Midwest and on the east coast. I’ve run the White Oak race the last 2 years.

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Mary Rosholt

I am a 47-yr old who is a mother to four boys. This is my first dog race. I have been watching my brother Nick Turman race for many years.

Nick Turman

Nick Turman

I have a small kennel of 12 dogs. Stay busy training dogs, sailing, canoeing, camping and enjoying life. Spending time with my wife and family brings JOY to my days.

Richard Loucks

Richard Loucks


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Leah Dasal

Leah is running a team of adopted dogs from rescue groups around the midwest. She has raced in “Mush for a Cure” and the “Jack Pine 30.” This is her first time in the White Oak race.

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Julie Schmelzer

I run pure bred Siberians and have 11 dogs in my kennel. However, 4 of them are retired. I have been racing for about 14 years and have done multiple races in Minnesota and Wisconsin. When I’m not on the runners with the dogs, I work as a sign Language Interpreter in Central Minnesota.

musher, sled dog race, deer river mn

Richie Camden

Richie works as a dog trainer in St. Louis, Missouri. He runs a team of adopted Siberian Huskies from rescue groups around the midwest. This is his first time running in the White Oak race.

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Joli Jurcak

Joli started mushing 9 years ago with her oldest dog, Loki, and a bike. Now her pack has grown to 10, 8 of which run for fun or participate in mid-distance. Some of the races that she has participated in include small fundraising races throughout Illinois and Wisconsin, several Mid-Union Sled Hauler (MUSH) races in Michigan, and Mush for a Cure in 2013 & 2014. Joli is also an active member of MiDD – Michigan Dog Driver Association. During the off season, some of the Jurcak Pack compete in Flyball, Agility & Obedience. Some of the dogs are also registered therapy dogs. Half of the Pack are rescues from Adopt a Husky, Inc., for which Joli volunteers as Event Coordinator and Foster Home and sled dog demo musher. Joli has attended several Mushing Boot Camps and Big Dog Bash events with Jamie Nelson and Ann Stead. This year is Joli’s first White Oak race.