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Lothar von Degen
Lothar von Degen is a 15th century mercenary captain portrayed by Dan Thomas Rial. Dan is an avid student of 15th century history and is the Willensstark director for the White Oak Society.

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Spanish Inquisition

The Question: Perspectives on the 15th Century Spanish Inquisition There is a fine line between certainty and zealotry; between acting for one’s perception of justice at any cost and the employment of human compassion . . . a line that once crossed can mean the difference between great accomplishment and great tragedy. “It is perhaps […]

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Philosophy in the 15th Century

The City of Man and the Roots of Humanism One way to view history is as a play of societal causes and effects. Philosophical movements enter the social arena, flourish for a time, then give birth to new movements from the wisdom of their qualities and the disenchantment from their follies. Study of the 15th […]

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John Tanner – Falcon of the Fur Trade

The era of the fur trade in America was a time rich with classic stories, vivid adventures, and colorful characters. It was a time of hardships, accomplishment in the face of adversity, change, and immortal legends. Romanticism mixed with harsh reality. Revolutionary freedom was earned with the best of our human potentials, and paid for […]

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The 15th Century Mercenary

The fourteenth century mercenary is gone, and with him goes a reputation of a rampaging pillager.  At that time mercenaries were the primary, or even only, combative units at a nation’s disposal.  Regular national armies were few and mercenaries were a threat to all, even their employers.  When they were between employments they simply settled […]