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Pars of Arboga
Kyle Pearson is currently Hall Manager for the White Oak Society. At 15th century events he portrays the 15th century mercenary, Pars of Arboga.

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15th centruy soldiers, formation, drill

Equipment of the Billman

Perhaps more than anything else, a 15th century soldier is identified by what he carried into battle. His armor and his weapons were the most readily observed parts of his kit, and it is the armor and the weapons that are used to represent the eras of warfare. A soldier’s choice of equipment, were he […]

15th century mercenaries

Pars of Arboga, Billman of Willensstark

“My name is Pars. I was born in the year 1474 in the Swedish city of Arboga, where my father’s father’s father had built a living making shoes. My grandfather Sigurd had two children who grew to be men, Andhers and  Halstein. Andhers was born first by two years, and it was he that would […]

15th century science, astronomy

Science in the 15th Century

The word “science” is derived from the Latin scientia, meaning “knowledge.” In this sense, science in the 15th century was identical to its modern form: knowledge of the world gathered by observation. However, during the medieval period, that is all it was regarded as: knowledge. In the modern sense, science is a defined field, with […]