About the White Oak Society

The White Oak Historical Society is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization located in Deer River, MN.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the White Oak Society is for the education, appreciation, and cultural enrichment of students and the general public of history, its modern significance, and its expression through the use of arts and interpretation. The objectives of the White Oak Society in relation to its purpose are to provide such in a ‘living history’ environment, to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, and to stimulate economic growth of the northern Minnesota area.

White Oak Society Board Members

15th century history, master at arms, 15th century soldier

Ben Rial

  • President
  • benrial@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org

Dan Rial

  • Willensstark (15th Century) Director
  • danrial@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org

Mike Shepperd

  • Shieldstone Director
  • mikesheppard@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org

Becky Semmler

  • Secretary
  • bsemmler@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org

Parker Semmler

  • Site Manager
  • psemmler@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org

Kyle Pearson

  • Hall Manager
  • kpearson@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org
white oak society, history, education, deer river mn, historical reenactment

Chris Reed

  • Promotions
  • chrisreed@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org

Adam McDonald

  • Norwesters Director
  • amcdonald@whiteoakhistoricalsociety.org