Flat Stanley Visits White Oak

Flat Stanley Visits White Oak

Back in February the White Oak Society was honored with a visit from Flat Stanley and Joe and Robin Oberton of Krystal Kennels of Grand Rapids MN. A teaching event was held for a group of about 40 home school kids and their parents/teachers.  It started with an indoor presentation, and followed with dogsled rides outside.

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From left: Dan Rial, Ben Rial, Mary Kim Wildermuth Donalds with Flat Stanley, Ray Boessel, and Parker Semmler

Flat Stanley is a tool used by school teachers to show children what life is like in other parts of the world. After Flat Stanley has his adventures and has his picture taken in many different situations, then he is mailed back to the student, who writes a report about the location to which Flat Stanley traveled.

To learn more about Flat Stanley please visit:  http://www.flatstanley.com/about

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